NOTE: The map above has a 'zoom' feature. If you place your mouse cursor over the map you can see a zoomed in detail of the locations.

This area map is small enough scale to show LZ Ellen and Jerri in relation to cities and villages in the area. An Loc (SE corner of map), 56 miles north of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) became a common place name on the network news in 1972 when the North Vietnamese attacked it from their Cambodian sanctuaries. Our Battalion Base was at nearby Quan Loi, a part of the red ground rubber plantations operated by Michelin during the French Colonial era.

The red soils around Quan Loi were considered more desirable than gray soils for growing trees that produced latex used to make rubber. My dog tag covers still have red stain on them from that soil. This row of old plantation trees is a remnant from the French colonial occupation. Instead of producing latex, one of the trees in this picture supports a shower bucket. Who knows what is there now. Times change.

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