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This excerpt from the 1:50,000 Scale Phouc Binh Map shows the location of LZ Ellen, lower right, and the approximate locations of Company D incidents on Dec. 5, 8, and 9, 1969, near the Song Be River. The following casualties were noted on the Duty Officers Log:

December 5, 1969

1 st Platoon

WIA: Thomas Bowman, Peter Drips, Kelly (Leslie) Durkee, Lonnie (Lucky) Hartline

KIA: Roger McRight, Jerry L. Hauschultz

December 8, 1969

1 st Platoon

KIA: Randall B. Miller

December 9, 1969

3 rd Platoon

WIA: Marcell Gorre, Donald T. Ketcham, David Stanley, Arlyn W. Perkey, & Kenneth D. Smith (Danny)

1 st Platoon

WIA: James Schmidt, Christopher Partish

In addition, Arlyn Perkey's Purple Heart general order shows a Charles W. Brown from D/1/8 as a fellow recipient on 9 Dec 69. Why he isn't on the Duty Officers Log isn't known. However, the log does indicate 8 people were wounded and evacuated that day, rather than just the 7 names listed.


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