I received an email last night (10-23-10) from Kevin Perrier (E-Recon 2/7 Cav & B-2/5 Cav) advising me that he had found video of our unit D company 1st Bn 8th Cav, 1st Cav Div during our time in Cambodia, on the National Archives website. I was able to locate them, downloaded and put it on YouTube. Since the original video was a little over 22 minutes long I had to split it in two so I could get it on YouTube. This allows you to view them without having to wait for it to download and also keeps me from having to load a huge file on to my webserver.


As of now I have been able to identify the following people in the videos.

Tom Krupa

Tom Johnson (aka T.J.)

Lt Jim McRell aka "Moose" (Platoon leader 1st platoon)

Doc Brown

Doc Kloss (KIA July 12th, 1970)

Chris Lucke

James Miller (aka Dud)

Jim Schmidt

Harry Maul

Yocham Norris

Cpt Cary Perkins

If you recognize others drop me an email and I will add them to this list. (see comments at bottom of page.)

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For reference to the dates and time tables here's a link to the Ed Nored portion of the site for details.

Ed Nored Section Pg 16

Thanks again to Kevin for finding this and taking the time to send it along to us! It is much appreciated.

Part 1:


Part 2:


.In part one from the   9min/45sec thru the 10min/53 second  mark. Mostly 3rd platoon people are shown. The 3 people beginning to tear the roof off of a bunker is what looks like Don Ketcham (80% sure) Hes closest to camera. Doc Kloss (our medic) is positively identified. He tears away at the roof and then jumps down into the bunker. The 3rd man is Terry Lawrence (Ketches squad) wearing a T shirt. When the camera changes shots. Terry is shown without a shirt passing crates down the line to where the mule is parked. Craig Sherwood of Ketcham's squad (wearing T shirt) is positively ID'd. The scene changes again and we see (positively) identified Earl Falkinburg (Nored's squad) (no shirt /wearing glasses) passing crates down the line from the bunker. Mason/Norris is Id'd (90%sure) wearing his head scarf. In one shot one man in the line looks like Steve voncannon (Ketcham's squad) and in another shot a man wearing a shirt with glasses looks somewhat like Dick Fowler of Nored's squad. (I cant positively  ID either of those 2 men at this time.) In the scene he climbs over a fallen limb with one of the boxes from the bunker. In the closing scene the boxes are loaded onto the mule. I believe Craig Sherwood is the driver on the mule. Jim Schmidt of Nored's squad can be seen and Earl Falkinburg of Nored's squad has a good shot of him taking some ammo out of one of the boxes then turning and walking past the camera.

When it comes to part 2 there is a scene where a mule is driven out on the log pad.Our Platoon Sgt. Chris Luecke is driving and Terry Lawrence is riding shot gun. He has put his T shirt back on.  (Note: Craig Sherwood and Terry Lawrence share similar physical features. Both tall with blond hair.)   In the shot of Doc Kloss where Doc has been showing the camera a variety of  enemy explosive related items, there is a shot where he struggles to open an ammo can. A fellow soldier bends down and assists him. I am fairly certain that is me. My watch is the biggest clue and what I can see of the man physically matches me. The best part of all this footage is seeing Doc Kloss again. Will always owe our gratitude to Kevin Perrier who served with E recon company 2/7 and B company 2/5 Cav for sending this to Gordon and intern thanks to Gordon who has provided this great window where we can look back to the good and bad of our tour in Nam and our service to this country.    ........Ed Nored.


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