My Story:

For reasons of load time for the pages. I have broken this section down in a month to month format. Each month notes the day to day activities of the company.

PS: May is when we invaded Cambodia and things got Crazy!

If you click on the date it will take you to the PDF file for that days "duty officers log" for the entire battalion.  If you click on the (view log record) it will take you to the applicable out takes for our unit. PDF files require Adobe Reader to load. You may download a free version by clicking here: adobe reader

I have included a dictionary for you civilians (and those of us military who have lost our memory.) All of the military terms are hyper linked to the dictionary to help you along.

December: Just got there. This section will give you some insight into the first few days in country.

January: This will give you an idea of the "normal" daily activities of Delta (D) Company.

February:  This was the month I got in my first real "fire fight".

March: During this month our Battalion Headquarters moved from Quan Loi to Song Be. Alpha (A) Company and Echo (E) company also spent much of this time in contact with enemy forces.

April:   D company began to get into enemy contact on a regular basis during this time. We also moved into position for the Cambodia invasion.

May:    D company moves into Cambodia. We found lots of food, munitions and lots of the enemy.

June:    Short month!  I get hurt and medevaced out of Vietnam and back to the "world".



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