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LZ Audie Photos

I remember LZ Audie as being a place just waiting to be overrun. The tree line was way to close to the bunkers and we were really close to Cambodia.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Taken from Feb 1970 to March 1970

1 Bn 8th Cav CC Helicopter

1st Lt Ed Griffith on LZ Audie

Ammo dump on LZ Audie

Ammo on LZ Audie

Bunkers on  LZ Audie

More Bunkers on LZ Audie (notice the "shower" on the left.)

CC helicopter landing at LZ Audie

Picture of Cambodia (hills in the background) as taken from LZ Audie

Life on LZ Audie

"Radio Room" LZ Audie

"Dinner Time" LZ Audie

A LOH parked on the helipad at LZ Audie

Ed Griffins "Home" while at LZ Audie

"Shower" goes up at LZ Audie

"Tree line" at LZ Audie



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