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Quan Loi Photos

Added February 2005

These latest photos taken by Ed Griffith were scanned from slides so the quality isn't quite as good. However it may shake some memories. With Eds' help I have placed some comments along with the photos.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Taken December 1969

Culvert sleeping area covered with sand bags. Note the rubber trees. This appears to be taken in the Artillery area.

This is one of the French built rubber plantation houses that were located around Quan Loi.

A "huey" flying over some of the smaller French built houses.

One of many permanent bunkers that surrounded Quan Loi. We would sit on top of the bunkers at night when we were on duty and fire off M79 grenade launchers to try to keep the enemy from advancing on the position.

Capt. Perkins, 1st Sgt Haney and I can't make out who the 3rd person is. 

This is a photo of a truck passing on the road above the "green line". Good old Quan Loi red dirt! Note the rubber trees.

This is a photo from the inside of one of the bunkers. If you look hard enough you can see the "Clackers" for the claymores sitting on top of the sand bags in the foreground. And you can see some of the layers of barbwire out in front of the bunker.

Looks like a bunch of south Vietnamese workers coming into work on the road above the bunker line.

It appears there is a "Shithook" flying over head. 

Another view of the "Shithook".

Appears to be a aircraft flying over some of the French built houses.

Aircraft flying over the "green line".

A "loach". These were used as observation helicopters. If you look close you can see the observer hanging out the door.


This was taken in the mortar area as the red and white pole in the picture was used for aiming. The large OD green box in the background is an ice chest and the boxes next to it are cases of soft drinks. The ice was a luxury while we were at Quan Loi.


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