The follow photos and comments were emailed to me by Scott "Part time" Lemanski:

Note: the reference to the hyperlink to May 27th also includes the log of Scott being wounded. In addition I found my Log book record for this day that notes Scott being wounded. (see my log book record).

I just noticed the entry you referred to on May 27. It also mentions a P-38 pistol that was found. I still have it locked in a cabinet in my home. Attached are some photos I have of it and the documentation. 



























Gordon I cant tell you how good it is to hear from one of the guys involved in the same campaign. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I also remember "Ed Nored". He was sort of the class clown of the platoon. Very funny guy. If my memory serves me well he had a " 57 Chevy"? I also recall him playing drums to a song with a band that visited a FSB we were on. Some people seem to stick with you. Thanks to your web site I also e-mailed Vinnies nephew. Vinnie was such a great guy. Unfortunately all my memorabilia was destroyed in a flood years ago. Lost all pictures, medal records and even destroyed some medals themselves. You are certainly welcomed to add my e-mail address to the roster page. I was with the 3rd platoon. Here are a few more names that were with us.

Larry Antici
Wally (Short Round) Cezak, (not sure on spelling)
Yocham Mason Norris, (He is the guy who blew up the rats)
Gary Sicheneder
As for myself I am a semi retired Builder/ electrician. I am living in a Detroit area suburb. I have 3 children, I keep myself busy with antique cars and am looking  forward to hearing more from some really good people. Thanks so much for a great web site.

Scott (Part Time) Lemanski

(Scott Lemanski) I came across this old jacket I bought just before I left Nam. It doesnt fit me any more, but it has alot of sentimental value. Do you remember these? They were made by the locals from an army issue poncho liner. Still in good shape after almost 37 years.

(click on image to enlarge view)

(click on image to enlarge view)

This is one of Scotts twin sons, Nicolas age 11, modeling the jacket.

(click on image to enlarge view)

Nicolas showing the back of the jacket.

(click on image to enlarge view)



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