8th Cav


Privite First Class, US Army


Born Apr 05, 1949
His tour of duty began on Aug 04, 1969
Casualty was on Nov 14, 1969

Terry Lee Andresen is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 16W Line 72

The Purple Heart

Purple Heart

Awarded for wounds or death as result of an act of any opposing armed force, as a result of an international terrorist attack or as a result of military operations while serving as part of a peacekeeping force.
The oldest of our military awards, the predecessor for the Purple Heart was George Washington's "Badge of Military Merit" (1782). Washington's award was resurrected in 1932 as the Purple Heart and is awarded to any person wounded in action while serving in any of our Armed Forces. It is also presented posthumously to the next of kin of personnel killed in action or who die of wounds sustained in action.

Terry Andresen was killed in action November 14th 1969. I was contacted by his nephew Dan Andresen after he located Terry's name in the company roster on this web site. I have asked Dan's permission to include any stories or photos of Terry as a tribute to his life. Below is what I have gathered so far.

Email received from Dan 7/24/05:

First of all....THANK YOU for your great web site! My uncle was Terry Lee Andresen, who was KIA 11/14/1969 and is correctly listed on your listing. I was just looking for any info or stories or anyone who knew him... I was just a kid when he went over, and looking back now... he was just a kid too, at age 20. Mainly I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for all your efforts (back then in service to our country as well as now for service to these brave men in your remembering them in your web site). If you have any ideas or info on where I might find out more about Uncle Terry, please point me in any direction you think may be helpful. Thanks again, Dan Andresen

Email received from Dan 11/25/05:

Gordon, wow!  That is fantastic... I am very grateful and appreciative..(editor note: in response to starting this page) unfortunately I don't have any personal stories other than Uncle Terry was my Dad's little brother... and when the news of Terry's death came...that was the ONLY time in my whole life I saw my dad cry... My parents are type that don't talk much about things... but I have always been interested in a respectful way to learn about what Uncle Terry went thru, what is what like, etc and I know Uncle Terry wrote letters because my Mom mentioned a couple times over the years of how scared Uncle Terry was in those letters... but I don't know if she still has the letters or whether the things mentioned were from letters my gramma (Terry's Mom) told my mom. Anyway... I clicked on your link below and found some interesting things and I am just interesting in learning more about what you guys went thru and in particular if there is anything I can learn about Uncle Terry...somewhere mentioned in the links were Officer's Daily logs..wow!..that would be unbelievably fantastic to know where they were each day..what it was like...what missions they went on, etc.... That's why I am soooo appreciative of you and the fact you and some others actually knew him and spent time with him, although I understand it was a long time ago and under very traumatic conditions...anything I can learn about him makes me feel that I can help Terry in some way, to know he isn't alone, and didn't die for nothing...that someone still cares and appreciates and remembers...all these years later... So I don't have anything specific I can give to you right now,...and I am appreciative what you are doing making a Tribute page for Terry... I will show it to my Mom and Dad when you get the page ready, and maybe they will want to add something to it then..  knowing them they would be more comfortable adding to something than starting it... they are modest people so they don't talk much...but once something is there I have a feeling they will be proud to help add to it. As for me, if there is anything you need or can use from me, whatever it is, please let me know.  I have done some very basic web page making stuff, but you probably know as much or more than I do about it... but I would be willing to help you in any way that you feel is productive, just let me know... I feel that I owe you something... for this effort of yours... is really appreciated!!!

Dan Andresen


Terry Andresen

Terry Andresen

Vietnam 1969


I have placed a copy of the "Daily Officers" log from 11/14/69 that refers to the actions that took place that day.

click here for daily log.

(you will need adobe reader to view these records. PS it's free)


Keeping in mind that the logs are of radio communications between the platoons, company and battalion radio operators. Unfortunately these communications are sometimes very confusing and hard to hear. They refer to Terry as "Harry Anderson" in these logs, however the activities should be relatively accurate.

For information on the terms and codes used please refer to my dictionary for assistance.


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