Ed "Spooky" Nored

RVN Sep 69 - Sep 70

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The following maps show the general area that 1st Battalion 8th Cav worked

The following map shows the major infiltration routes used by the enemy.

John Farrior took these photos during one of our Combat Assaults. The most dominate terrain feature bing the Nui Ba Ra mountian which is located about 100 miles north of Saigon. At its base is the village-city of Song Be and fire base Buttons. It was sometime during March of 1970 that the 1st Battalion, 8th Cav headquarters moved from Quan Loi to the Song Be area. Looking at the photos I'm sure you can sense the biggest frustration of the war. Somewhere and someplace down there in that ocean of green is the enemy. Our job as "Grunts" was to go into the jungle and find them.

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