Ed "Spooky" Nored

RVN Sep 69 - Sep 70

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The following photos are of the reunion that was put together by Ed Nored in 1988.

Judy (Sciarettii) Kanai with Steve "Doc" Sipe.

(Nored) Steve and Judy sit under a tree not far from the Wall. Steve was at  Vinnys side to give aid win he got hit on L.Z. Candy.

Judy (Sciarettii) Kanai in front of the Wall.

(Nored) Judy has just placed a copy of the story she wrote and shared with us in the Delta company story concerning the death of her brother. At the end of the day Monument officials collect all items left in remembrance and  each item is stored away.

L-R Ed Nored, Don "Ketch" Ketcham and Terry Lawrence.

Harold and Mike Piekarski take a photo of Judy leaving a flower and a large photo and a copy of her story of Vinnys death at the base of the "Wall".



L-R Johnny "Reb" Farrior, Jay Selby, Ed Nored, Ed Kanai (Judy's husband) and Bryan Tyack.
More photos from the "Wall".

Delta Company, 1st Bn. 8th Cav K.I.A. between Sep 69 and July 12, 1970


Charles Thomas Deaton  9/28/69 age 19
Terry Lee Andresen 11/14/69 age 20
Jerry Lee Hauschultz 12/5/69 age 21
Roger Lynn McRight 12/5/69 age 21
Randall Bruce Miller 12/8/69 age 20
Vinture Sciarretti 4/1/70 age 21
Leonard William Bauer 4/18/70 age 20
Richard Floyd Quinn 7/12/70 age 21
Thomas Donald Kloss 7/12/70 age 19

Reunion May 1988

Standing L-R: Randolph Foriest "tree top", Steve "Doc" Sipe, Jim Wastradowski, Terry Lawrence, Harold Hoppengarner, John "Reb" Farrior.

Kneeling L-R: Dick "the bitch" Fowler, Jim Bakowski, Jay "Tex" Selby, Ed Nored, Ed Stoffel, Jim Smichdt, Don Ketcham"Ketch"

L-R: Dick Fowler, Gary Borkowski, Terry Lawrence, Don Ketcham, Jerry Reeves, Marcell Gorre "Pineapple", Randolph Foriest "Treetop", Ed Stoffel.

Standing L-R: Jim Hughes, Jay Selby, Dick Fowler, Ed Stoffel, Doc Sipe, "Ketch", Terry Lawrence, Jim Watradowski, Lt. Mike Piekarski, John Farrior, Dan Kelly (1st Plt), Bryan Tyack.

Kneeling L-R: Jerry Reeves, Gary Bakowski, Dave Aronson, Harold Hoopengarner, ?, Ed Nored, "Tree Top", Mike Eklund (1st Plt) Jim Smichdt, Chris Luecke.

Standing L-R: Chris, Harold, Judy, Ketch, John Farrior, and Terry.

Kneeling on Left "Pineapple" and Dick Fowler. Jim Watradowski in red shirt.

L-R: Terry, Dick, Ed Stoffel, Chris, Harold, Lt. Mike Piekarski and Don Ketcham.

Back row L-R: Bryan Tyack, Gary Borkowski and Jerry Reeves.

Front: Piekarski and "Pineapple".

Tomb of the unknown soldier.
L-R: Terry, Ed, Harold, and Ketch.
Chris Luecke and Ed Nored


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