Ed "Spooky" Nored

RVN Sep 69 - Sep 70

From Left to right: Ed Svoboda, Harold Hoppengarner, Dick "the bitch" Fowler, Ed Nored, John Sanchez, Jim Smichdt, Eugene Laurie, Johnny "the reb" Farrior, Ed Bryson, and Jay Selby.

top right (standing): Jay Selby, Lt Mike Piekarski, Harold Hoppengarner, Ed Nored, "Doc" Steve Sipe, Ed Bryson and kneeling, Don Ketcham

This photo was taken at Duc Phong 2-27-70. We had just arrived by C-130  from Quan Loi and are waiting for the choppers to arrive so we could make a combat assault into a new area to build L.Z. Audie that would support us as we worked a new enemy trail system called the "Jolly Trail".

From the mid part of December 69 to April of 1970, many of the old timers that had been with Delta company before I joined it had gotten out of the field for various reasons. "Pineapple" would get a rear job, "Tennessee", "Smokey", Loren Dolge, Jerry Reeves, Dave Arronson and Jeff Croston among others were able to get out of the bush. The look of 3rd platoon began to change.


It dawned on me one day just how differently I perceived the different ages of each individual. The guys who had joined the company long before I did looked extremely old and the new guys seemed to look like kids. As time went on I began to resent the new guys coming in. Their faces reminded us all of the way we were, the way we used to be, the way we used to feel. I always knew over the years I'd grow up and get old. I just didn't expect it so soon and especially at 20.

After the December 5 - 9th fighting our company was put into a new area and for nearly 3 1/2 months there was no contact to speak of. I'm fairly certain that no one fired his weapon during this time though there was occasional sighting of the enemy. I'm sure your first impression might be that this is a soldiers dream come true being in a combat zone and not being in combat. The problem was that far too many of the company, especially the new guys became to lax. The new guys began to think this was all pretty much a big joke. I feel personally that this period of no combat did more harm than good.


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